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"kch-ik-ithick! trr-th-kkr!" screamed the spider.

i ain't been no-thing but going dowsing. with jenny under the weather, & david under the weather, & danielle under the weather, the death star will NOT be swinging to philly this weekend. littlewashu & i almost accomplished it with sheer will & charisma, but with the potent germs arrayed against us, it looks like it has come to naught. which is a shame, since red lightsabers would look good cutting through red shirts. this is part of the ongoing saga of the sick-- jenny got better, then fell ill again, so this week, at least the post-ryan part of it, has been pretty stay-at-home. which is maybe for the best-- it might be that i've been fighting off infection, & that despite being functional, a crack in my armor might have allowed it in. that is what i'm telling myself, at least. television is back on, but again, sickness (theme: disease!) excised the television & wine evening from this week, which means next wednesday is going to be chok-ful of lost & america's next top model. we did watch the first disc of how i met your mother season one. it turns out that it might be better than just a "pretty funny" sitcom? it might be sort of brilliant? i think the entire thing is mapped out; over-lapping flashbacks, for instance, reinforce each other, rather than contradict each other. they are, however, self-contained, so that in watching season two i never noticed that it is, perhaps, masterfully interwoven. this brings up an old pet peeve, or rather, a grudge: i hate magnolia. for some reason, back when the trailers & teasers for magnolia were coming out, i got it into my head that it was going to be...a masterful interweaving of plots. then, when the actually movie was just kind of middle-brow slop, it made me so annoyed. that i am still bringing it up to this day. anyhow, i'm going to go get back to game prep. one last thing: today the delivery guy dropped off fifty bottles of wine. so i guess that is a sneak peek into the future.

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