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everyone should have a werespider in their life. & a werebat.

werewolf: predators by white wolf.

while i sit here & eat my pork bolognese breakfast, let me tell you a little bit about a book i just read. well, to be fair, i read it a little while ago, but i recently picked it up again to check it against my new practical knowledge of the world of darkness. of the storyteller system, i should say. now that i've run a few (four, counting oubliette & promethean) sessions, i thought i'd see if maybe it had needful things, or at least useful things. turns out, not so much. it is precisely the kind of book i don't need: prepublished powers & rules shuffled into different orders. no, i don't need a beastiary of spirits! an actually beastiary would be nice, but spirits are all pretty abstract. & sure, there are some new spirit powers, but they are even caveated with "these are tested for balance." which is fine for what it is, but of less use to a world-builder than they might be to just a story-teller. some of the back story is interesting, & some of the spirits are even well imagined. i just don't need that. i did like how the "monster" bit came with alternate origins, pick & choose. i appreciate the open nature of the new world of darkness. but then, i'm not really running a game that might need this. you know what i mean? it might be fine for you, but i'm not interested.
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