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zig! ah.

last night ryan & i went to madison square garden to see the spice girls. & the verdict is awesome. now, i went in with a fair kernel of doubt & irony in my bosom. ryan had bought the tickets, & how was i going to say no? the spice girls were perfect pop idols, & their movie was phenomenal, so for nostalgia's sake, i was indebted. well how's this for a turn-around? the concert was sweet. first off, all of the girls were crazy hot. i say first off-- visuals get to you first, okay? & i expected it to sort of be a washed up bit of a mess. nope! the spice girls are in fact super attractive, from robot posh to charming baby to maxim scary to soloist sporty & crazy-abs ginger. & well, as for the show. it was actually my first time at madison square garden-- i'm not, like, an arena sort of monster. unless lions & christians are involved. & i've never been in a place with quite so many screaming young girls. man, what is up teenagers? you guys like the spice girls? okay, fine by me. though you gotta stop with that! i'm like, hey, look at that hot girls in that sequined...crap, she's like fiftenn. stop it! then, you know, a hot mom would walk up the aisle & i'd be like, okay, that is more my cohort. which, speaking of hot moms, i ran into belinda there with her kids, which was pretty entertaining. by the way, i won't say milf. how gross, right?

back to the show: they all had little solo pieces, intermixed with the spice girl's hits, & posh, since she never had a solo music career just...catwalked. with a huge train to her dress being carried by dancers. & it was awesome. but the ante was raised in the next sequence as the girls stripped their dancers topless & put dog collars on to walk them on their hands & knees. which was followed by some really good stage lighting? on the screens, lightning bolts started flashing. slowly, one on a screen at a time, but slowly increasing in frequency. meanwhile, the speakers had the bass turned all the way up & were shaking the seats. then all the lights started flickering in time with the lightning, building to the crescendo of...ginger singing "it's raining men." which was great. & then...they all had their kids come on stage & start singing? & posh's little toddler started spontaneously break dancing? & all the spice girls totally broke character & started giggling. it was pretty adorable. (for evil.) they only flubbed one song (i am not sure which- i didn't know the song, either). oh, & for the record, they changed costumes...about a million times. like i said, it kind of ruled. afterward, there was a bunch of screaming & chasing, but it was...david beckham? lame. but still, breakdancing babies! like living inside aly mcbeal!

afterwards, we met jenny & meryl at the cinema cafe & i had some expensive fancy pizza.
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