mordicai caeli (mordicai) wrote,
mordicai caeli

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what? stop.

why is everybody always crazy!? why. i'm not crazy! i was crazy once, but i got a girlfriend! she sunk her claws into me! all going around shooting off these big statements, grand gestures. not that i don't, but i don't point my gun at things i don't want to kill! you know? i mean, i get the allure of shooting bullets at your armor. proofing. if you can stand this, then i know it is true. heck, i ran that gauntlet. but it only works when the minotaur is you! so now everyone is all this, & all that. stop it! you are confusing me. i want to just get out my cleaver & separate me from you. chop chop chop! oh but no, you don't care! fuck you! i'm going to the icecapades tonight! change must come through the barrel of a gun!

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