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this is my open letter.

dear everything. i say dear. but it is quite the opposite. we are AT WAR. you have apportioned me a fair spat of crawling eyeball burning misery. LOATHSOME. to top it off, the plot on neopets is boring & it isn't any fun. i am not alan turing & i do not want to break the enigma cipher. send your u-boats! i am without a care in the world in that regard. at least a worker bee has buzzed into the hive & i can take a rest from sitting in front of the organ-grinder & dancing. now she will do the dancing! DEAR. of all the ridiculous fêtes & affairs, you have chosen the celebration of your erstwhile king! talaq talaq talaq! here is my pistol, here is my viper! o come winged bat! yikes. a bit screwloose, a bit screwtape, if you take my meaning. carl sagan knows about my demon haunted world! never let carl sagan along in a dark broom closet with a shotgun, i'll tell you what.

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