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come on & sling that physics.

i've gotten all nostalgic for yesterday all ready, just lying in bed in a pile of warm jenny out against the morning brightness. probably this is because i might never see her again! plans tonight, plans tommorow night, all busy yesterday evening. that, & after mike's game yesterday i met up with a morose & doofus robert, who got himself into the doldrums with carla. i'm not in trouble with jenny, but the transitive property makes me worry about it! that, & oh, robert kept buying shots. chemical knuckledusters! so there is that. oh, take me into your bed! tuck me up. game was fun; this time, another parcel of party members were killed, but in a much more stand-&-deliver fashion. when you go toe to toe with a frost giant for ten turns & die you have a better sense of worth than when a tribe of white dragons just jumps up & ice cones you to death. anyhow, my little spenta mainyu has made it through the gauntlet, though he's sure gotten close to the abyss (& the Abyss) more than once. still, fun times were had.

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