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oaxacan calipers!

so i hung out with danielle! whew, that is a relief. for a minute there i was totally convinced the team had lost her. we hung out in the lull between her needing to go to a band (that was canceled) & me needing to provide comfort to jenny. it was a little awkward, but only barely perceptibly! we went to oaxacan, at the chocolate & chili place. where i didn't get chocolate & chili! i am not in the mood any more; it has passed...for now! but we did get guacamole & grasshoppers, pictures above. i brought some home to take to game tomorrow to use as a prop (with any luck, i'll have some for next game?) but i am pretending like i didn't so jenny isn't squeamish. hey, & then i managed to remember to use the used book credit i'd had in my pocket for a million years, & the store is due to close in just a few days. score! oh, & this is my morning: "fucking old people, clean up your fucking messes!" & also, larvae rules.
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