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on the cave where the wolf-brothers lay.

the valentines day massacre in our little platoon was sweet & the soul of brevity. after work, we met at perch (here at the directions: when both of the bears are in the sky, find the star betwixt both their gazes; walk thus from the mouth of the underworld. the sign has birds perched on telephone wires) where we started off with the fondue, that being our primary motive for location selection. the pear salad was a bit sweet for my taste, & i marveled at the brazed short-ribs, & how i just chomped away at the fungus contained with it. from there to home, where she received her gifts- a sexy book & a stiletto (but she took more pleasure in the card, a picture of darwin crowing--finching?-- "i select you. naturally!"). then the clock struck "relax," & we did, along with some humorous programing, & to bed with us.

i catch the two train at grand army plaza. it is my way! but if the three train comes, i'll typically get on that & try to transfer to the two or the five at franklin. well, that is just what i did today, & lo & behold, my favorite train conductor was working. he says it like this: "GRAND ARMY PLAAZAA." & i break into giggle (dark, grim giggles!) every time. i like conductors with a way about them. a certain way.

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