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ghouls by white wolf.

in my game i've got a race of...sub-humans? near-humans? i don't want to say demi-humans. lets go with near-human, for the nonce. a race of near-humans called ghouls. now, these guys are graveyard people, more tim burton & klaproth of the necropolis litharge, you know? mike has a certain mister spock thing going on with them, too, which is cute, as well as a healthy peppering of southern gentlemen. to the point: mike picked this book up at the game store, thinking there might be some info to crib for his character. now, white wolf ghouls have precisely diddly-squat to do with my ghouls other than the name. so the book isn't so much help there, but it did make mike want to play a white wolf style ghoul, if a world of darkness game ever rears its ugly head. & you know, i can see his point; i quite like this. you know what else i liked about it? ghoul families. that is one thing that i really enjoy the folks at white wolf doing; taking interesting concepts like the bloodlines, & the ghoul families, & rather than "last prince of a dying race"ing them as they used to be in the old wod, they leave plenty of room for expansion. now, the subject content is pretty mature, with rape & incest as reoccurring themes, which makes me curious of the context, but you know, it is the horror genre. & it doesn't seem exploitative, which things like this can easily be, especially to women. there is an "oh fuck" element to the world of darkness, though, no use pretending there ain't. & ghouls have tended to be the place where it comes up. which is interesting, isn't it?
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