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i call him darling matador.

homecoming by ray bradbury & dave mckean.

i picked this up because maggie was reading it next to me on the subway. i put off actually picking it up for a while, but when i did, i quite liked it. the sort of friendly alienation appeals to me, as does the generic "spooky" quality of the story & the art. i especially liked the brain-&-blood-vessels guy! i was thinking at first that it might be good "homework" for mike's character in my game, but it was a little generic. still sort of appropriate. anyhow, cute & i liked it.

tommyrot by ben templesmith.

i like this guy? & i like his art? i like his comics. i've mentioned all this before. anyhow, i'm not hot for this collection. actually, flipping through it, maybe i'm changing my mind. maybe i do like it. maybe i do. hold on, i think my opinion is switching, little by little. hold on, let me think about this some more. maybe i do like it. maybe i don't. waffle. i like some of it? arg. maybe i should just get the wormwood book?

world of darkness: armory by white wolf.

what should i have expected? of course i don't like this book. i don't like lots of little "side" rules. i like making weapons simple & de-emphasizing combat. it is my way! so when i started looking through this, what did i hope to find? that is mostly what it is, & some of them are silly: if you have one dot more than the minimum strength you can use a two-handed weapon one-handed? shut up. it did have rules for grenades, & some stuff on blackpowder (though it took me forever to find it). it does have some combat styles (not enough). so i got some use out of it. whatever.
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