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did it sound like i was unhappy with my indolent life with jenny! a pox on her for suggesting so. i simply feel the brittle gadfly-layabout cloud! a host of dynoflagelate skellingtons, like. here it is today again! i just got in from the salt-mines (where i left my cellular phone, drat & damnation) & i feel like nothing so much as taking a nice stretch, even though i'm meant to motivate myself to go to the gymnasium. i'll go tomorrow either way, but for now, i will lay back & allow my harem girls to feed my grapes. otherwise, fuzziness. the reception on the monitor has gotten dim. jenny is out investigating a industry baron's "gentleman's club" where in we are considering entering into the legal pact of wedded bliss. i guess i'll just wait here translating words into parseltongue instead of doing anything useful.

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