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weary. don't know why, as the cluster-fuck of the start of the semester is mostly wound down. had this dream the other day; left part of myself there. submarines & the labyrinth; down below the bottom of the ocean into the basement of the dark waters. i'm still there, wandering. here too, is there. i've been pretty desperate for jenny; maybe desperate is the wrong word. appreciative? i don't bemoan her, i'm not broken, but when she's around i can't quite fathom wanting to leave the apartment. whipped. also, i deleted all the music off my ipod & replaced it with spooky ambient stuff, the kind of junk i use as background music for my game. which means that my walks to & from work are suddenly much more horror show. last wednesday we had maggie & david over for the reboot of television night. that was alright. otherwise it has been mostly a "curl up & then, torpor" situation for me. it doesn't help that without any decent television, my options are read & sleep. & the former can lead to the latter. this is the exciting, bone chilling week i've had. oh, & i managed to drag my lazy ass to the gym only once. still, today is friday. maybe we can generate some force today, me & my dragon heart.

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