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whisked away

i shall destroy all the civilized planets! by fletcher hanks (afterword by paul karasik).

well how about that. i'm sort of eating crow on this one, all kinds of ways. first, when i picked it up, i thought it was a shitty middle-brow indie comics joint. nope; this is the real deal, from the once upon a time land of early comics. it seems to be worshiped by the r. crumb set, which was another strike against it. naw, it sure is sort of amazing. sure, it has "problems," which is what jenny said to me she had heard. a white chick defending the jungle is a little...spoof worthy. heck, i was in the play, right? fantomah is interesting for the whole skull-face thing though, you know? & the transparent skirt, but that might just be me. stardust, though, is a really good time. the plots are pretty much cookie cutter, with him shooting his various rays everywhere, but they have some really genius moments, like when he turns the gang into one guy, to make punishing them easier. first off, the cosmic wizard thing has a little prince vibe going on that makes me actually think i should investigate the little prince again: all i have of it really is nicklodeon memories (that, & unico). the craziest thing of all though is the end, the afterword! it is your typical "feel bad" indie comic stuff, but i really liked it! it really spoke to the point, & was intercut with the source material enough to make it topical, & not masturbatory! i was a little shell-shocked; i found it very effective in a way that i don't find the run of the mill. maybe it was because it was biographical, rather than autobiographical. anyhow, i'm totally happy to own this, & maybe you should too.
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