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i'm as hungry as the ever-lovin' thing! though now that i think about it, i would prefer it if the thing didn't need to eat. i'd prefer it if the thing was basically evolved for outer space living. that is my way. i've been busy at salt mines; i pulled down fifty-six or so hours this week. yawn! i say salt mines: for a year i lived in the abandoned salt mine in the wastelands. it was pretty okay. sometimes i have been dragged forth from my collapse: though it is kind of silly & indicative of how tired i've been that i can count "waiting for thai food together" as going out. though yeah, on fucking thursday i met up with user & then we met up with symon & his guy andy, & then we all met up with jenny! we were going to go to that new joint, the dram shop, but seriously, fuck that place. i mean, park slope gets a yuppie rap, 'cause it is a yuppie hood. that said, there are your different brands of yuppie. you've got your post-alternative brainiacs, your total sell-outs, your hippies who think using their sell-out cash to buy premium organic goods is saving the earth, your whatevers. anyhow, dram shop was filled with the worst sort of yuppie scum! they actually had the televisions all turned on & turned up to watch the democratic debates & were cheering for their favorites as though it were a football game. what the hell, man? this is why i stick to dives. so we folded our cards & got up from that table, i'll tell you what. nailed down a few more drinks are bar reis, then back here to split a bottle of wine before all those lit conference people bailed to go to the high school prom. then last night, symon was all "i know i said i'd be leaving sunday, but instead, i am leaving early saturday!" & i replied, "but i have made saturday play plans for us! also, promised my friday to jenny!" & for the record, i sucked as a friday boyfriend. i fell asleep at like...nine.

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