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some comics read in transit.

empowered volumes one & two, by adam warren.

this is an interesting subject, especially to a fellow like yours truly that can't help but bend a bit of feminist faculties to any given comic book subject. empowered is a comic book about the portrayals of women in comics, & in the comics community. the interesting thing is that it does not turn a critical or critiquing eye towards the subject. i mean, the premise of the comic arose as mister warren was doing creepy sketches for pay at comic conventions. you know, gross dudes being like "draw me a superheroine, only she's ball gagged, & sweating, &..." so forth. along the way, warren transformed that into doing little vignettes, which in turn became this comic. ta da! empowered is a young girl who has super powers stemming from a super-tight suit, that only works if she doesn't wear anything on top of it, or anything under it, or...well, even then, if it rips, it stops working. & it rips pretty easily. this leads to her getting kidnapped & generally bondaged up. now, okay, that sounds kind of porn comic themed, yeah? which is what i thought when this came in, since i'd never heard of it. he's actually a character (even if it is a bit of a pin-up character) though, so lets not get too out of hand. but more importantly, & the biggest case FOR this comic, is her supporting cast. her boyfriend, thugboy, is a really good mix of macho & "good boyfriend." & he is subjected to the same cake treatment as the other characters- beefcake, in this instance. ninjette is the other supporting character, & she is a good bounce board for empowered's insecurities: one blonde, one brunette; one skinny with tiny boobs, the other voluptuous with a big butt. that sort of thing. i don't know. it is interesting. the best thing about it is the sex: it has a pretty honest & realistic dealing with thugboy & empowered's relationship, both social & pysical. & i guess if you look at it as a pin-up comic, which is sort of is, it works really well.

fullmetal alchemist volume fifteen, by hiromu arakawa.

i continue to like this series: i do wish it would come to a head, though. i get that manga is still in the period of comics where the "continue to publish!" idea is strong (along with the lack of disconnect that moder cape comics have: you don't need to have read action comics 1-861 to know what is up with superman) but i'd like to finish the freaking thing; it is leading up to something, after all! this was a flashback comic, & i liked it; i especially liked hughes being in it, & roy mustang joking "stop talking about your girlfriend: people who talk about their families always get killed!" it made me glad to see that hiromu was aware of the tropes she occasionally abuses. i am kind of bummed i'm all caught up on this: it really compels me, & i want to just sort of swallow the whole series at once. do they ever make, you know, sort of prestige archive editions of manga? i'd theoretically like to own this whole series once it is finished, but i also don't really want it to just sprawl out all over two shelves!
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