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one of those stupid nightmares that is about a week long (no joke) but lasts actually thirty minutes. you know, i keep saying 65,000,000 years, but maybe with all the temporal compression, it is even longer. i mean, if we go "by the book," hours would seem like days, right? & the subject of the dream was so stupid that i won't even bother delving into it, though i will admit that the phone call gloating about it was a decent bit of frosting, a nice piece of glaze-work. then, you know, taking a nice chunk of time in the morning to orient myself, walk around the block (it didn't happen, it didn't happen, when you go outside, it didn't happen) isn't precisely how i wanted to prepare for an early day at the salt mines. still, jenny comes back tonight, so i won't let myself get too bothered by crumbs in the proverbial bedsheets.
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