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that is right, sober party. so what? so it happened! ole tom got another ring on his tree. the requisite "standing around in a clique" part of the evening faded pretty fast & the dancefloor was hit. you know what? i liked the dj! i got her card! i'm sure she thought i was hitting on her, but mostly i wanted to find out where she djs, so i can go there, & dance to it. tom's party was also filled with a certain kind of girl. like; i don't precisely know how to describe it. i suppose artsy? but on this side of artsy, away from hip. some of them like jenny lewises. so that was nice, as well. apparently people thought i was having an epileptic fit when i fell down on the dancefloor during "rock lobster." haven't these people ever danced before!? eventually i tucked in with mike & kelly when the left, as they drove home, & am now having a nice relaxing spot of wine. earlier peter & i watched the dragonlance movie. it was bad. really bad. the only good thing i can say is that laurana was definitely wearing elven chain. also, woah, tons of titty jiggling. okay already! then i dragged peter to the gym. so there you go. a day i had.
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