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dusty cowpokes.

i think that it was when the bartender poured the gratis shots of bushmills that things took a turn sinister, am i right? i ducked out of the store (fucking filled up with boxes again today) with caroline, & then we sort of hysterically giggled as the two train caught fire & dragged us down to acheron's depths. o woah the river of woe. stopped off at her apartment (hello steven!) & played a little guitar hero to stall for time while we waited for tracey. i am not very good at guitar hero. the bar we were going to go to had a poetry reading, so we fucking ran out shouting for mercy; off to bar number two. i figured out that caroline mostly has a bar-culture thing going on, which is great, because it means you can drink for an almost reasonable amount. also, i played the juke box. & we ran into ken's old squeeze, which also started the new trend: make others do unreasonable things for you! it is a fun, good thing, & girls are best at it. we made monica (the aforementioned ex-squeeze) go to her apartment & get silverware! fun, & then the also aforementioned shots. then, hah! my plan hatched! out of its egg, & we came back to my apartment. where, when sam came, we made him go right back out to get his bag of goodies. what has it got in its pockets, my precious! from there the timeline gets jagged! i think the tequila might also be part of that. it all started off so reasonably! clunk-a-dunk-a-dunk!
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