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die fantômaus.

fantômas by marcel allain & pierre souvestre.

fantômas himself is hardly in this, which is fine. just worth nothing. i guess i didn't like it all that much, sad to say. oh, sure, the rise of the sociopath is charming & all, but it is just too much mired in it's time. as a character, though, i suppose i am charmed. i can see how the entire corpus of the fantômas legendarium is engaging. as an introduction though, mostly i find juve to be the best of the bunch. he's such a rubbish detective, with his whole "everything probable must be held as a fact until disproven!" trope, half-solving the cases but being the only one clever enough to know that he hasn't caught the real killer. i'd recommend finding the best fantômas story, though, if you are interested; i don't think this first one is it. now, gee, i wonder what i will read next.
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