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same old drab.

i know i've talked about this before, but i'm going to talk about it again. if you are doing the weight machines on their lowest setting, you aren't doing anything! seriously, these people are fucking killing me, doing their hundred reps of air. get out of the fucking machine! i want to use that! just get out! so yeah, i left the place with an extra helping of misanthrope. which is probably the wrong word for what i've got. i have decided that i think people are bunnies. skittish. stupid. eating, fucking machines. i think that if i in fact hung out with any of you rotten bags of saltwater, i wouldn't even begin to understand how to talk. what do people talk about? i only care about your imagination, probably. that is a weird part of the brain, yeah? use that. or we could talk about other people's imaginations. i am okay with that. what can you think about? let's see what you can think about! let's see.

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