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i bet it is a hundred yesterdays. on fire.

shrug it on, shrug on the dark. settle it down on your shoulders. cold? & shouldn't it be? i'm lonely for a place colder & darker than outerspace, let alone a tame winter. chain around the jaws. sharks inside your belly. teeth is what mean you are who you say you are. easy to get raw. nobody took their thumb out of the dike. nope. see, a real fix isn't the same as a patch. i know what i'm doing. it took all the black magic i've got (& it did) but see, i've got myself a nice bit of true love. as a professional, i'm not doing so bad. now, i might have made some bad choices, & i might do so again (tonight) but as far as it goes? i crawled my way out of a bad scene 65,000,000 years ago, in 1908. i've got holes in me you could drive through. you are driving through. but i'll set the crown back on the throne. after i finish this. & i'm further along than you think i am. i have true love! hah! who can say that? say it, i dare you. out loud. i will.

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