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shit, i have a technique. it is going to be fierce as anything. as fierce as that little leprechaun on project runway. i've been thinking about it, & i've struck upon an unstoppable...naw. i didn't really. i just got up to get a drink & remembered that there is like, a million songs i could listen to. i could! so now my new software is french tongue-kissing the external hard-drive to figure that out as well. seriously. why so serious? i keep thinking about the joker. without jenny, i don't have any reason not to prance around in the dark with a lightsaber talking like the joker. seriously, it pretty much made my night. darth jokerius is such a fucking pimp you don't even know about it. hahah wow, split my face in a smile. mostly i just fold up like a praying mantis. not that i'm either. praying, or a mantis. leaving me alone with myself leaves me too much time to myself! don't you know what i'm interested in? i have gone out of my way to distract myself from what i'm into. being a pile of glass isn't even the best way to achieve the goals of said pile of glass! oh, screw you. you don't ever get to talk to me until i have knives for hands. which is all i want. the blue lady, the black suv. bloody mary storms the gates of heaven, why can't we?

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