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so fucking boring woah! hey guys listen to this: i worked all day & then...i went to the apple store! the mac store? when did that become the same thing? when. i slept. the "genius" was like "i gave you the combo shot," which i accepted as gospel, but jenny was like, "what does that mean?" i was like "i figured that was a thing? like, it was its own thing." apparently, you can't assume that "combo shot" means something. maybe it does! it might. now the computer works, but the internet? still not so much. still stealing from somebody. thanks, guys! now i am just googling the winery where this white i'm drinking comes from. it...maybe was taken over by octopus mutant ninjas? i didn't go into that much detail. i prefer the story i'm telling in my head. so what am i going to do with myself. i was going to go to that spelling bee, but the computer needed fixing. now i'm pretty much indoors. in doors. hey, i figured out which gene wolfe i haven't read. unfortunately, it is mostly short stories. yawn a million! i don't "get" short stories. okay, maybe i do. i like howard & lovecraft, yes?

last night i went over to carla & robert's. we argued for a long time, then watched twin peaks.

i don't know a lot about computers. i hear about "firewalls." i think, maybe it is like a girlfriend. warm, protective. fire wall. i don't mind rings of fire. or rings within rings.

speaking of fucking off on the internet, i totally hired a livejournal person at kit marlowe & co, & she's super okay. really quiet. i put stickers on her. it is bonding. i don't really "get" interpersonal interaction without being inappropriate, so who can say! oh, speaking of interpersonal interaction, no word from macmillan. i was hoping today would be the day. it doesn't mean they aren't behind schedule or whatever, but it means they didn't, you know, run to the batphone to call the commissioner to tell him to put the mordicai signal on. i wish the joker would come & cheer me up! a wise lady once said: back to the old drinking board!

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