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a bed made of audrey hepburns.

my faith in frankie by mike carey, marc hempel, & sonny liew.

what a strange little book this is. cute, but very strange. the main character is totally on the make for dudes; i mean, she's prowling, & is sexually aggressive-- & lo, woah & behold, that isn't a bad thing! yeah, yeah, if you pay attention to the writer, it isn't a big surprise. & if you pay attention to what it says on the spine- vertigo- it isn't a shocker either. it is packaged pretty much the same as any minx book, though, which is where i got tripped up. anyhow, i am glad! teenagers should be reading about sex. besides that, it sort of has a god-for-one idea that would have been right at home in a lucifer comic; makes me wonder if this was a b-plot from said comic that never saw the light. there were a few moments i didn't think should be there (guy whipping it out at the end; threat of rape, really? come on now.) & i didn't think the ending actually had enough build up, enough guns in the first act, so to speak, but over-all, i think mike carey really has a knack for books meant to be marketed to teenage girls: see also the re-gifters. i should also mention that the kindly ones style are really gets me.

now i've got to go try to make an appointment to get the computer fixed.
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