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jenny is out of town as of this morning. something to bear in mind when i stagger over to the computer & start talking about crickets in matchboxes, & how my life is one if you just extend the metaphor to include absence crushing the matchbox under her stiletto heel. i mean, if i can even get the fucking computer to work. everything seems in working order? the computer says it is connected to the internet, the airport solemnly blinks green eyes at me, all the little boxes & widgets are just chirping away, but then you tell me why i can't navigate webpages without stealing wi-fi from someone in our building. you go ahead & tell me.

here is a thing to loath: new years resolutions. because you know what? get your fat ass out of my gym. all you...jerks. just...using my machines. i'll have my revenge. it is pretty sucky, because who can say who the quitters are? oh, i'm sure each month from now the crowding of the ymca will cut in half, then half again, & so forth. until then, though, i have to fucking stand in line to do my obliques? fuck. at least all of the new people seem afraid of the weight room. anyhow, i guess this means i've been going to the gym again for a year now. i certainly haven't become "happy" with my container, but i'm certainly less despondent about it. i could probably take you in a fight. that is a nice thing to say.

tonight i'm going over to david's for television night. i imagine maggie, james, dante, & christopher will be there. last night i watched day watch with jenny. man, russians are funny when they aren't being european. the whole plot was about tamerlane? that is pretty weird, guys. good for you. & the old guys beat up the young guys every time? your value system is charming. age & cunning! fuck if i did anything thursday; oh, right, that was cloverfield. duh. wednesday was more maggie & david; we played the krull board game, drank sake, & watched sport's night. tuesday...i watched fucking something, because i remember jenny telling me to hurry up with my fourth edition preview review. then i guess monday we must have watched the terminator show. fucking just guzzling down media & wine. woo-freaking-hoo.

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