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seven eyed wizards i like.

fritz lieber's fafrd & the gray mouser by howard chaykin, mike mignola, & al williamson.

the original works have had their virtues extolled to me many times, but like so many things, i never managed to get around to them. thus, when this trade paperback came in of the comic series, i fairly leapt upon it, & i wasn't disappointed. the stories are very fun (including the...evil, interdimensional corporation?) & if the girls in the story get a short shrift, well, so does everyone who isn't fafrd or gray mouser. i don't think the "buddy" genre is offensive, even if it does mean that everyone else is sort of a paper cut-out. i also very much enjoy the wizards here: sheelba of the eyeless face & ningauble of the seven eyes, both of which are probably the most monstrous things in the book. besides that, mignola's art is just amazing; i found myself just sketching out pictures from it rather than scribbling down notes, as is my usual wont. i guess the best seal of approval i can put on it is the fact that i'm pretty sure i'm going to have to go ahead & actually buy this. heaven's sake!
Tags: books, comics, lankhmar, leiber

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