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another latro book.

soldier of sidion by gene wolfe.

latro is a soldier; he fought for xerxes at the battle of thermopylae. he's been wounded, or cursed, & can only remember the last day or so, perpetually, so he writes down what happens to him-- that is the body of the book. along the way, he sees gods & demons-- & if he touches them, those with him see them too. yes, gene wolfe loves his unreliable narrators. this is the third book about latro, & it takes him out of greece & through egypt. part of the fun of latro is that he...well, he sort of sucks at translation, so if you know classics shit (of which i only know a dabble) you get to have a lot of smug moments. like, he'll just very often translate proper names of people & places literally, or with their roots in his language-- like calling laconia "the silent country." funny to me. this book is as good as any other latro book, which is to say, pretty darn good. at one point, he "dies" & the forty-two judges of the egyptian underworld weigh his soul, which translates into pages & pages of the gods tallying his sins. the biggest downside is that this is the first part of a (probably) duo, so it doesn't much end. makes me sad! now i have to wait for the next one; i had avoided doing that with gene wolfe until now.
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