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beer & then cloverfield.

do you remember that time antonio came up to me & was like "i have decided i'm going to be into the insane clown posse this summer. i know this is a bad idea, but i'm going to do it. we've got this job, working in a steak house & we have nothing better to do this summer. so i'm going to listen to all of the insane clown posse records & buy mecca wear. i am going to do it." then we got into a car that had a license plate that said "boba fet" & drove away. this is a true story. the car wasn't antonio's: his car had a hole in the floor where you could see the road. it was a camero. the guy who owned that car, real name unknown, alias "the goat", also had another car, a black one, which had a license plate that said "vader 1" & he only ever played the imperial march when he drove around in it. this is a real story of things that happened to me. (when i mis-spelt "lisence" the spell check recommended me: melisent, mellisent, millisent, melisenda, melisent's...the fuck!?)

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