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come with me if you want to live.

watched terminator: the sarah connor chronicles. first two episodes. my mood going in was to compare it two the very, very awesome battlestar: galactica & the frankly pretty unwatchable bionic woman. with high's & lows like that, i figured i had a pretty good range: i wasn't expecting a bs:g & would just turn off a bionic woman (even with katee sackhoff, also known as the only bright star in that dismal sky). it stacked up at a...."meh." it certainly isn't as insultingly bad as bionic woman, & it certainly is no battlestar. what it does have is...well, summer glau. & what it doesn't have is...any other interesting actors, & lazy, wretched writing. oh, it also has time traveling fighting robots. a not inconsiderable factor. though time travel is sure used as a crutch for people not wanting know, have an interesting show. why bother when a little time travel can make it modern day!

really, it is summer, as the "good" terminator, who floats the show. she's got "it," the extra x quotient, the it factor. john annoying teenager? i'm excited to see if this christian bale rumor pans out; i'd like to see a john connor i could see the human resistance giving the slightest fuck about. & sarah....oh sarah. i feel bad: them is some shoes to fill. how great is sarah connor? how great is it that one of the ultimate "geek fights" is sarah connor versus ellen ripley? fuck predator versus alien (alien, by the way). sarah connor in the chronicles be a "tough mom." she seems kind of held back as a character; she isn't kicking ass, she's...protecting her cub. plus, she isn't ripped to all fucking hell. now, sure, i know, she's not in a mental hospital with nothing to do all day but push-ups, but when has reality mattered to fiction icons? sarah conner should be able to bench press me. she should be shooting robots with much more "fuck you, of course i know how this gun works" than she does. i could buy her as a transitional sarah, between terminator & judgment day more than i can as coming between two & three. & what is the deal with terminator 3? it is an alternate timeline? bullshit! that icbms-criss-crossing-the-sky ending is great. don't wimp out. sarah connor wouldn't.
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