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sorry, no pictures of me tux'ed out, as i couldn't finesse the camera into working. or couldn't find a battery, really. but i went to the interview at macmillan today, which i'd like to think went very well. it is, of course, difficult to say, but i think the skill set i possess predisposes me do you americans say..."rock the casbah" on the job they were calling me about. oh, i should mention the first perk evident: i'd be working in the flatiron building, which is where the interview was. so...that is pretty sweet. i started with the human resources interview, & then got bumped up to the individual i'd be working for, & then got bumped up again to meet her that is a good sign, i think. beyond all that, it actually looked like a fun place to work: everyone was very pleased with how not-corporate they are compared to a lot of the other publishers. either way, it was something i did today. here is mordicai keeping his fingers crossed. that there is an old hex-yarn!

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