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a brove of draculars.

99 coffins by david wellington.

this is the sequel to 13 bullets, & it kind of falls back on the "okay" scale of his later monster... trilogy books. i found 13 bullets to be a big step up, but this doesn't follow through on that promise. james really didn't like the end, but i thought the ending was fine, if transparent as anything. part of the problem here i think is that there wasn't any new vampire mythology for him to create, & i don't feel like he used his existing mythology very much-- the vampires were largely just monsters, the end. the historical interludes didn't work for me either, though if he published this on the web first, like he usually does, that format might have supported it better. & you know what? i like caxton. i think she's a decent character. much better than arkeley, & because this is the second book, she was much more competent. & there wasn't the "& then terrible things happen to her for no good reason!" cliche, either.
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