mordicai caeli (mordicai) wrote,
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so i'm sort of anxious about this interview tomorrow. i mean, all job related things stress me out. or i should say, the getting of jobs. there is a sort of social interfacing that i fucking hate. the appeal to unknown authority? acting like professional competency is a factor useful in judging me? just the sheer fucking banality of it. i am not looking forward to it. pinocchio had it easy, what with his satanic donkeys & giant whales. i would trade a thousand times. so of course, i'm a gross, needy little cuddle-fucker. just want to curl up under jenny's wings, caterpillar mordicai. she isn't having it! she's too preoccupied watching television! it gets under my scales, a little piece of sand to turn into a pearl. just, gah. so i get frustrated & clench into a fish. pale, clammy & cold. this isn't my favorite.

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