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mutter may i?

mutter museum.

what do you really want me to say? it is a collection of photographs of genuinely fucked up shit. not that sort of shock nothingness-- this is some genuinely "disturb the human condition & make the viewer uneasy" action. i sure like it! you know, i'm pretty easy around that sort of thing, while still being able to be part of the fun. i think i've mentioned the (sort of below board) collection at kent. back when i was studying forensics, we had a section of the lab to ourselves. by "we" i mean those of us who didn't mind getting our hands dirty-- or even better, didn't mind getting them wet in rotting flesh. that turned out to be me, a cute sorority girl, & a guy with a tattoo of the muscles of his arm. or well, that was one team; cortney had another team or whatever. anyhow, we defleshed skeletons & the like in a back room, in a tub, & the room itself was full of jar-babies; cyclopes, four-armed guys, all manner of fatal birth defects. the mutter museum is like that times ten. hooray!
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