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no train golem?

iron council by china miéville.

china miéville doesn't like happy endings. i do, so i guess we get into a little bit of trouble there. that said, it certainly wasn't as dismal as perdido street station was. roads ran their course before the end. an important theme of the work. also, the "kitchen sink" approach that both of the books share worked a lot better in iron council, as the world was open, not closed. he could spread the weird out instead of cramming it into one place. i think that room to breathe, & the establishment of new crobuzon let him not just keep throwing shit at the wall to see what stuck.

i actually am surprised that he's english, but i guess i shouldn't be. there is a socialist spirit in europe that clashes with the american influences in britain, ain't there? i mean, his opinions on labour are pretty clear in this book, but there is also a sort of resentment at the inevitability of the government smach-down. maybe it is that he's such a modern writer? actually, what am i talking about? no european books are any fun!

still, i liked this book a lot. the beginning of it was a bit relentless with mood, which is an improvement with the same situation at the end of perdido street.... plus, the mood is more the faded desert crawl confusion. it worked. then judah low's story, instead of being utterly boring, as you might think it will be, is in fact really compelling. & the actual iron council? is really great, really cute & "new myth." the fact that miéville can turn a phrase (blitzbaum? oh snap!) is a significant bit of icing.
Tags: bas-lag, books, miéville

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