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just a lot of little things. we've switched to wind power, because i like to put my money where my mouth is. extropianism isn't just a thing you say you are. so anyhow, now i'm a mass transit using, recycling, green-energy having kind of mordicai. how's my carbon footprint now! i do like meat a whole lot, though. don't see that decreasing. our new mop doesn't use any chemicals though, so i figure it is a wash. what else? new containers in the apartment, so now the nice china isn't in a cardboard box but is instead tucked away into pretty little cake boxes. that happened. i've got a job interview on monday. so we'll see about that. american gladiators is actually pretty sweet. i don't care about the body paint wonder woman. taking the sex out of things doesn't make it better! dressing up like a sexy wonder woman isn't offensive. as i said to someone else: to crib a term from l. fortuner, i think it is honest sex culture, & that is alright. okay!; i only wanted to blurb really quick for a second here. oh, & this morning i caught jenny dancing around our apartment naked singing "magical! magical! magical!" in a deep voice. i'm pretty sure that means i get good luck for seven years.

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