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i'm cochlear in YOU!

& now this strange thing uncoiling inside of me? however it resolves itself, i have to stop saying "uncoil" today. i think i must have said it nine times nine times at least. perhaps i'll replace it with awkward homonyms! "unspiral!" that might be enjoyable, since i think talking is stupid & time travel is wonderful. but not telepathy. i freaking hate mind reading. postulating that there is an otherness that can be partially touched. it is the tainted, blasphemous version of the hive mind. i say cease yourself & join the other! but otherwise it is a hideous intimacy that demands violent retribution. as the wise & creepy baby once said, JOIN! die! join! DIE! oh, speaking of creepy babies. i have decided that a trepanated baby is going to be the next animal companion my druid gets. it will just get grotesquely bigger as it increases in hit dice. i'm pretty sure my dungeon master will let me!
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