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you know what i don't like? i'll let you know. i don't like fucking spring cleaning! i don't like it one bit. i'll get cross. i'll fold my arms. i'll snap, like a turtle. i'll unfold my arms, like a butterfly knife. it is not pleasing to my eye! which is why yesterday was no fun at all! sure, mostly jenny's things were thrown away-- something like a hundred books? & lots of other junk, just...garbage. toys. i concur with all theory. in practice, i am a snarl of yarn. don't mess with my fucking stuff! don't tell me to move my knick-knacks! don't you fucking look at me! all blue velvet shouting. cruel in-fucking-tentioned. i need a knick-knack-knook! a real honest injun wunderkammer!

sure, i got to hang up stuff in a little corner of wall. my new scorpion. the m, inc. building. the weird "your demise is inevitable" card i found. the hothouse thing i did with satirical so many moons ago. the little knocker that wolvus drew me, & framed for my m-mas stocking. & sure, yeah, yes, yes. we played the krull board game. & watched the i love new york reunion show. what does that have to do with anything! i don't care, i only care about my stuff! i need those books to keep the angels living in the walls trapped! & then, & then i was like (snark!) & then "why can't i!" & then. i didn't like it. jenny wasn't even telling me to throw my stuff out? just throwing hers out. but then she'd say "find a place for this!" & i would be like: "i had a place for it! where it was!" i don't like cleaning changing things. i didn't like it.

so eventually i slunk away to watch cartoons & punish a bottle of wine.

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