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you know what i really like, & didn't realize i was totally invested in till i started watching justice league unlimited kind of obsessively? gail simone's treatment of black particular, the turning of black canary into a near-shiva level martial artist. i don't want to get stereotyped as a martial arts guy. yes, i like my batgirl, & yes, this is a post about black canary as a martial artist, but...i don't really have a but. but! oh, here is a but! but, they both have more to do with believable characters than martial arts. iron fist is all about martial arts; these cases are not. of course, i really like immortal iron fist. which kind of ruins my objection. maybe i DO like kung-fu! SO WHAT. SHUT UP. YOUR MOM. anyhow. gail simone did the whole "evolution of black canary from a top-scale kung-fu fighter to a top-three kung-fu fighter" so effortlessly, so well, that i just...incorporated that into my mythology. the cartoon comes before that, but even this portrays canary as a total fucking killer. just...i want more. they've got her jumpin' around n' shit. i want her breaking knees & being just merciless. i guess it comes down to this: the jlu portrayal is really good. so good, that i think it should see the fucking future & have a black canary that is almost supernaturally good. hey, also i've been drinking a bunch of wine & talking to the television screen for the past couple of hours. so that could be a factor in this. stuff like "look, jenny! gorilla grodd is a telepathic gorilla!" she loves that shit. not really. not at all. but i am still going to strong arm her into reading all-star superman. i totally am going to. i think i'm done here. i'm looking around at this drunken post & it seems like all my html has backslashes on it. oh, hey! remember that guy warren who did coke off his spanish guitarist fingernails in high school? i thought that was pretty tough. he was also a total hacker, with his alt.2600 & all that. how dorky is that! how dorky is that. i also remembered recently that i directed a scene from macbeth when i was like, twelve. what is up, taking weird college programs!
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