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lately all jenny & i do after we get into bed is giggle. i mean, sleepy chuckles all over the place. it is kind of gross, actually. the past couple of nights, well. i just have a couple of notes next to the bed, like "nocturnal pandas come out to drink all the bamboo soup," which stems from me talking about how much i hate kola bears & pandas for being evolutionarily stupid. i was ranting about how kolas can only eat eucalyptus & then, in a fit of hyperbole, insisted that panda bears can only eat luke-warm bamboo soup, sipped through a straw. jenny then insisted that the sun could boil water, which led to us concluding that the red sun at the end of the world will leave only the nocturnal pandas alive. a pretty weird "death of krypton" story if you ask me. last night i started cracking myself up by talking about "the united states of america government" & jenny wasn't amused at all. but seriously, how man-in-black would a guy sound talking like that?

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