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then leaving work last night i watched some high school girl just drop her mcdonalds wrapper on the ground outside, even though the trash was only a foot & a half away. so i started yelling at her, calling her a litterbug, telling all the other people on the street that she was a fithly litterbug. so that is another step closer to just openly yelling at strangers on the street. since i was...uh...openly yelling at strangers on the street. daaaarrrrrkkkkk....vengence!

lately, jenny has been in the living room watching my so-called life while i've been in the bedroom watching justice league unlimited. hey, that is some pretty decent television there, in'it? you've got your dark humor batman (all but totally absent from the comics, bat-santa aside) & you've got your flawed superman (again, basically absent) & you've got your re-invented question & hawkgirl & whoever else. you've got your subtle fan service amanda wahler/project cadmus/doctor hamilton/power girl/luthor for president sort of interweaving. i am certainly enjoying it. finished the movie & all but a few episodes of season one so far.
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