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see, i thought jenny only had to use the bathroom for its, you know, typical purpose. i'd been peeing in the sink since maggie had passed out on the bathroom floor; i mean, i was looking after her, since she had sort of fallen apart; her puke was everywhere & her hair was wet from the toilet bowl. anyhow, thats why i sort of freaked out to find jenny throwing up in the garbage can: i became the "sorry, everyone can hendrix themselves for all i care, i have to take care of my ONE TRUE LOVE or whatever" guy. & then immediately afterwards we fell asleep on top of the covers? brrr. when we woke up david & mags were curled up on the tiled floor, & jenny was back on her game: she inflated the air mattress (which i hadn't been able to find) & that was that.

i knew rum & tonics weren't a good idea, but i had to keep giving everyone SOMETHING when we ran out of vodka & champagne! really that is a bit of a lie: the thought never crossed my mind. it seemed like a perfectly reasonable cocktail! we'd been masks on, tila tequila'd, toasting the bad stars by then. heck, we'd been past that: we were joel grey & alan cumming on vhs tape by then. a lot of alan cumming, in fact: conan o'brien, singing on rosie, dancing on whatever, pictures of me from whenever ago. way, way passed me being pissed at jenny (oh, sure, you didn't start it, bringing that letter out! why'd you do that!).

it was fun, & now i'm shoveling "tuscan thin sliced fried potatoes" down, which is what the fancy restaurant called "french fries" to get robert to order them. did i mention we dog sat all holiday week & then saturday carla & robert picked him up. hey, tell you what, lets not delve too deeply into that story, because it ends up with me as a total fucker, accidentally spilling whiskey on jenny's oragami paper. smooth move, you know? so lets just put our pistols down & back away from the table slowly. there isn't any need for this to...

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