mordicai caeli (mordicai) wrote,
mordicai caeli

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i just want to be clear. i know maggie was dying to death first. okay. but jenny was sick later. i spent way more time with maggie before switching off with david. & sure, i know it was more imposing on the moment. & i know maggie needed me then, not now. but jenny felt sick! she threw up! listen: JENNY. she is worth...well, an infinite number of the rest of you. i don't want her to ever need me. i want to be there already. i know it sounds stupid & corny but there it is. i need her; like, woah. i need to clean up the puke in the bathroom & such, but not like woah. okay? i have had fun tonight, & i totally support shit. i'm like, science. but don't fuck with jenny. she's my needful thing. okay?

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