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three vampire covenant books.

carthians, ordo dracul & invictus by white wolf.

will you take a look at the cover to the carthians book? how great is that? i'm awfully taken. i should seek out the artist's other work, see how i like it. the ordo dracul cover is pretty good as well. so that gives you the first blush. on closer read, let me tell you: they are pretty successful. i mean, i read them not really caring about the covenants (the "coils of the dragon" aren't that interesting, the carthians are what, grown-up anarchs? the invictus is...the camarilla) but you know, after reading these guys, i can totally see the appeal to all of them. the ordo dracul had a "weird science" thing going on, & this really deepens that into a alchemical-tesla coil-ink blot thing that i like, though the book does take up way too many pages on a tarot voight-kampff test. the carthians go from being sort of perpetually dissatisfied to the french revolution-bolshevick revolution-great social experimentors. on the downside, "carthian law" doesn't make much sense, or have very good mechanics behind it. the invictus get a decidedly adams family vibe; it isn't a reimagining so much as a "here is why you would want to play one." not bad. as for bloodlines, the invictus (creepy house guys! dueling guys!) & the ordo dracul (creepy monster men! eastern orthodox monks!) take the cake on that; the carthian bloodlines ( luck powers! hippies!) are kind of blah.
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