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a framed scorpion, a mink penis bone, & a replica utahraptor claw.

the french facsimile voynich manuscript.

the inside of the voynich manuscript.

tekumel: empire of the petal throne the tri-stat game & seal of the imperium fanzine.

some blank notebooks.

dvds: seasons 1,2 &3 of justice league unlimited, cruel intentions, & the last starfighter

a page embosser! it will imprint my dark mark into all my grimoires.

sundry comics (metal men, the demon, & justice league unlimited
(& the tricia helfer playboy. which is jenny's present, but i'm excited about it too!)

the krull boardgame? what even is this? awesome.

peat monster whiskey gives you powerful bad juju. also hoodoo.
Tags: comics, curios, dvds, holiday, loot, photos

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