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i like brom.

the devil's rose by brom.

i think it doesn't come as a surprise that i like brom. sure, some of his stuff is a cheap shot, you know, all demons or skeletons or whatever. still, he has a certain quality that makes most of that stuff work. & when he gets it in his head to do something with a little more spunk, it is worth the wait. so he's an easy friend to my sense of aesthetic. this book wasn't my favorite; it basically is his tribute to a cool deadlands painting he did. wait, was it maybe even the cover of the main book? okay? well, it wasn't bad; it certainly wasn't groaning at it, even though it was pretty cliche ridden. there was one awfully nice piece of work in it, too. so there you have it. no i've got to go get ready for david's.
Tags: art, books, brom

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