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captain america in space? sign me up.

halo 3 by bungie.

i never played much of the first one, not owning the requisite system. what i did play, i really, really liked. you're "master chief." what that means is that you are basically captain america. you've been genetically modified, chemically enhanced, cybernetically augmented, & shoved in power armor to boot. then you get guns. really big guns. the space ship you are on keeps you in cryogenic storage for extraordinary circumstances. when you find regular marines? you're usually rescuing them, & the ai of the game is very appreciative. "look, it's master chief!" "we're saved!" that sort of thing. awfully heroic. this game also includes you buddying around with the alien's bad-ass. i guess people complained that it was short, or whatever? i had fun, but then again, i am a novice who beat it on normal difficulty in three days. & some people thought the cortana interludes slowed the game down? those people are idiots. cortana + 117 for eva.

the best thing about it is that it teaches values i can respect. competency, above all. master chief is hyper competent & the people around him range from very competent to super-competent. hey, thanks for the good advice, a.i.! thanks for the flanking cover, arbiter! which segues nicely into unity: you do what you are supposed to be doing. if you need to be driving the tank, don't worry about shooting down air units; the frigate has it covered. which goes nicely with merciless destruction of your foes. shoot them in the head. stab them in the back. throw grenades into them. ruin them. which turns on its head into diversity: when the aliens come to their senses, pick them off their feet & put them in your ranks. they won't hold any grudges: sure, you tried to mercilessly slaughter them, but you were enemies. that was then!

bioshock by 2k.

fuck this fucking game. now, i might come back & have to review my statements; i haven't gotten very far. still, i kind of hate it. i really wanted to like it. the commercials were mystifying, the premise is alluringly weird, the ambiance is all-encompassing. here in the thing though: STOP FUCKING ATTACKING ME! do those splicer fuckers respawn? am i just not clearing areas out behind me thoroughly enough? see, i want to wander through your dystopian city! i want to have objectivist slogans shouted at me by mutants! but i don't want them to constantly be fucking shooting me! fuck, halo 3 is a shooter & i get more breathing room than i do from you assholes! i seriously hate all of the people in the game, screaming at me & shooting me with pistols. by the way, guns? fucking useless. you can cap a guy six or seven times without him giving much of a damn. robert suggests just using my electrical genetic modification to shock them, then just clubbing them over the head. oh, also? ADAM & EVE & the plasmids? kind of drab, dull, boring. just...different guns? yeah, that isn't as innovative as reviewers made it seem.
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