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witching hour by larry macdougall.

i've been keen on this guy's work for years. he was one of those role-playing game illustrators that i took the time to chase down: i'd see a picture i liked, without a signature, then find a picture in the same style, but with a signature, then check the credits of the book, find two guys with similar names, then cross reference it to another know. research! he has a handle on the "fantasy" end of "dark fantasy," & a sketchy style that works really well on the "dark" side of it, too. this book is much heavier on the "fantasy" side, which is fine by me. really pretty, but kind of skimpy for the price. also: what the fuck is up, lar? what is up with all the people riding on people? pony fetish much? xo!
Tags: art, books, rpgs

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