mordicai caeli (mordicai) wrote,
mordicai caeli

last time i got a cup-pie david tricked me into eating a bar of soap.

i had an anecdote i was going to start this thing off with. was it about my shark teeth? i think a new wisdom tooth is coming in. i must have leveled! i think it is going to make my bottom row of teeth even more crooked. i'm self conscious about it! here is a story about it: when i was a wee, terrifying sprout, i got my teeth braced. all of the doctors recommended extraction for my wisdom teeth, because when they came in they'd fuck up the bottom teeth. this was not to be! i was shopped out till an orthodontist agreed to do it without out removing them! now, they are fucked up. thanks for nothing! was it about how simon & i had IRON THURSDAY last night? it was iron-ful. he came with me to the gym, then we had burritos & watched mythbusters & i told him how i'd fix comic books. it'd work, too, my agenda. was it about how i went out to lunch with tracey? maybe i was going to talk about my fetus of a game! SOMETHING IS BREWING. right now i have a colossal lack of intrest in this keyboard, goodbye.

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