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now you're playing with power!

so this weekend we had a wii that jenny had loaned out to herself from the library. it was a lot of fun, both of us exhausting ourselves boxing, or straining my brain coping with the multi-dimensional mindfuck that is mario galaxy. more to the point, though: that fucking wii remote is awfully fucking intuitive, & very versatile. it wasn't long into any game that it sort of "clicks" with you. it is a pointer, a controller, a gun, a sword. you can use it to select areas for special attention, or actuate devices, whatever. i was awfully impressed with it. so impressed, that i think that i'm going to say that in the near future, everyone's personal device will resemble a wii remote. i'm thinking it will be a combination that & of what the iphone is trying to be. if you think about it, both rely very much on the ability of your brain to adapt to what your opposable thumbs are doing: that is a good thing. human brains are wired to care about their hands & fingers. that is what made the jump from swinging to tools possible, right? & the iphone & the wii remote both capitalize on that. "turn it sideways & it is a phone! turn it again & it is a palmtop computer! turn it this way & it is a surfboard for mario! click the trigger to request information on the topic you are pointing at!" i do. i see the three dimensional mouse being key to the proliferation of information in day to day life. a big component of your personal multi-tool. the camera-phone-mouse-computer. also maybe lightsaber? have one. everyone will, unless they live on the primitives reservation. science is coming. alone it you resist cannot.
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