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crescent fresh.

i am going to to coil my serpent-self up in bed in just a couple of minutes. there was a gift exchange though, & i got some fucking LOOT. bernie got me jeanne d'arc's fucking HAND of all things, if you can believe it. mike & kelly got me the actual charlotte of charlotte's web, all done up in formaldehyde. scott got me the self-same quill that faust used! not a bad haul, i don't think. i want to take pictures. maybe i even will. i'm kind of cold now though. &, you know, a couple of cocktails to send me off to bed. where there is a nice warm snuggle waiting. suck on it, tough guy. so fucking TOUGH with your loathing & lonely. i've got both & a castle to polish them in. it is called MAGIC. take a class at your local community college. also, game tonight was won by a) trepenation & b) lone deva & pod-cub. yeah, i got me an actual tabula rasa. none too shabby. brunch was like this: uh, give me another mimosa? cool. hey, you are bernie's friends. beards! urban planning! WHERE IS MY FUCKING DUCK? seriously. they just...dropped the ball on my plate? didn't see fit to be like "hey, where is your food, dude?" until i asked the guy, "dude, where's my food?" plus side? the continuum transfunctioner is sweet. then it was wind/unwind at mike & kelly's. then game,! again, i've caught up with now. now. huh. now would be better served with less. as in, nothing. as in, nihil. hey, i...yeah.

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